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An effective and consistent daily oral hygiene routine is the first line of defense against oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. There are several aspects to this, including the quality of the oral hygiene products you use as well as your technique during brushing and flossing.

Despite marketing claims, some oral hygiene products are only formulated for cosmetic use and they offer little value to an effective oral hygiene routine. Be sure to always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance before purchasing any oral hygiene product. This seal is used to identify products that have been subjected to thorough testing and research by the ADA. Only products that have met stringent guidelines will receive approval to print the ADA logo on the packaging.

Brushing your teeth twice each day is important for removing plaque and food particles from the faces and contours of your teeth. The ADA then recommends flossing each evening. Be sure to floss between each of your teeth, along the gumline, as well as behind your last molars.

Your twice-annual dental checkup at Cenla Dentistry is also of critical importance. During the appointment, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and your mouth examined for signs of periodontal disease, tooth decay and oral cancer.

If you live in the Pineville, Louisiana, area and you have concerns about your oral hygiene routine, you should call 318-640-3200 to schedule a checkup at Cenla Dentistry.