Water Flossing Instructions

So you’ve purchased or otherwise received a water flosser, but you’re scared by the thought of using it. You’re used to flossing, and this new machine is the beginning of the robot uprising. We hear you. A number of our patients actually prefer water flossing to traditional flossing, and though the transition from traditional flossing… Read more »

Helpful Hints for Halloween: Candies to Avoid

With the coming of Halloween comes numerous oral health risks. Beyond the traditional oral health risks such as dental erosion and cavities, your teeth can also be at an increased risk of oral accidents and injuries such as chipping or cracking. One risk that tends to arise during the holiday seasons is through dental damage… Read more »

Improving Your Smile With Composite Fillings

For years, dental fillings were made of gold or another material that made them fairly easy to notice if someone looked closely at your teeth. However, as dental technology has improved over the years, fillings are no longer limited the original colors or material. In this case, we are talking about composite fillings, which are… Read more »

Extraction Facts

Dental technology has made phenomenal advances over the years, and dentists have been able to do things that their earlier counterparts would never have dreamed of doing. With all of the strides that have been made in dental medicine, from time to time, teeth need to be extracted. A tooth may need to be extracted… Read more »

A Historical Timeline of Dentistry in the Middle Ages

The roots of dentistry are deeper than the roots of your teeth. In fact, there is solid evidence that dentistry was practiced as far back as 14,000 years ago. Let’s fast forward a bit, however, to dentistry in the Middle Ages. Here’s a timeline of important events: 700 A.D: A medical text in China speaks… Read more »

Maintaining Your Smile After Your Whitening Treatment

Congratulations on your teeth whitening treatment! You will look and feel your best with your whiter and brighter smile. Now that you have the smile you have always wanted, you will need to take steps to maintain it. Your dentist may give you a whitening kit to take home to help you keep your teeth… Read more »

Teeth and Gums 101: Oral Emergencies

An oral emergency is a scenario in which you sustain some sort of oral injury, often in a sudden and unexpected manner. This can include tooth loss, gum damage, a broken jaw and teeth, or a dental instrument failure. Listed below are a few normal oral emergencies and tips on what you can do to… Read more »

Help Your Child Overcome Thumb Sucking

Did you know that thumb sucking can affect a child’s oral health and the way their teeth grow in? Thumb sucking is often seen as a seemingly innocent behavior, but it can have its consequences. Help your child overcome thumb sucking with these helpful tips: – Children can slow and hinder the growth of their… Read more »

Aging Requires an Increased Focus on Your Smile

Have you ever considered planning for your oral health in your elder years? Aging requires an increased focus on your smile. Not only will your smile benefit greatly from planning ahead, but it will give you time to decide which oral health routines are working, and which ones need to be enhanced and upgraded. For… Read more »

Do You Own a Dental First Aid Kit?

Do you own a dental first aid kit? This is an important (and often neglected) part of any home. Maybe you recognize its importance but don’t know where to start. Here are some items to consider putting in your kit. Note: unfamiliar items may include descriptions. -Tweezers -Cotton rolls and/or pellets -Orasol gel packets -Dental… Read more »