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With the coming of Halloween comes numerous oral health risks. Beyond the traditional oral health risks such as dental erosion and cavities, your teeth can also be at an increased risk of oral accidents and injuries such as chipping or cracking.

One risk that tends to arise during the holiday seasons is through dental damage from biting into hard treats. Exercise caution with products such as popcorn balls or hard candies, as they can easily damage your teeth and gums. Furthermore, be sure to clean your teeth afterward as the debris from the treats can linger long after consumption.

Without sacrificing the joys of trick-or-treating in your child, you can offer to buy back their candy after they are done collecting it. This prevents them from eating buckets of candy while still giving them a chance to enjoy the festivities of Halloween. As an alternative, you can exchange their candy for toys, money, or other incentives. Furthermore, it is imperative to dispose of any extra candy that is lying around after the holiday, as you may find yourself snacking on sweets for weeks afterward.

From all of us at Cenla Dentistry, we hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!
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