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If you live in Pineville, Louisiana and are looking to brighten your smile through a teeth whitening treatment, call Cenla Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!

Our powerful teeth whitening treatment can be completed in just one simple treatment. This treatment is a quick, effective, and painless way for you to help brightening your smile in just a small amount of time. Here’s what you can expect when you come into our office for your treatment.

Step 1: After you are greeted, our staff will make sure you are comfortable in one of our dental chairs, and then get you ready for the whitening treatment by covering the lips and gums in order to protect them from the whitening agent.

Step 2: The whitening agent is then applied onto the surface area of your teeth.

Step 3: Dr. Honey Fiasconaro will then shine a special light onto the whitening gel in order to activate its whitening agent. The agent responds to this light by penetrating your teeth in order to break up the stains, making sure that your teeth are powerfully white! Our three step process only takes 15 minutes of your time, however, you may need to come in for a couple more treatments for the desired results.

If you’d be interested in setting up an appointment for a teeth whitening treatment, please give our office a call at 318-640-3200 to schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience.