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Be aware that any time and at any age cavities can occur. Although children are most likely to develop cavities, it is merely because of their excessive consumption of sugars. Adults can be just as likely to develop cavities if they do not care for their smile and continue to consume unhealthy foods and drinks.

A cavity refers to a hole in your tooth enamel. To prevent cavities from forming, it is important to prevent tooth decay and any substance abuse that can easily lead to dental erosion. This includes exercising caution with highly acidic foods and drinks and sugary substances that are known to eat through tooth enamel. Always eat a balanced diet and avoid erosion-causing substances.

Make sure you’re cleaning your teeth daily. This includes brushing your teeth twice daily with a brush that has soft bristles and flossing once a day with shred-resistant floss. Alternative cleaning tools include mouthwash, chewing sugarless gum after meals, electric toothbrushes, and water flossers.

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