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You take excellent care of your pearly whites all year round with your diligent daily oral hygiene habits along with regular professional dental cleanings and checkups to keep your smile healthy and confident. But with a new year on the horizon, you may want to consider enhancing your smile confidence. At our dental practice, we are excited to offer ZOOM whitening treatments which dissolve stains and discoloration on your tooth enamel.

At our office, we offer both in-office and at-home whitening for your convenience.  Our whitening treatment quickly bleaches teeth in about one hour. To ensure your healthy smile, we do a preliminary evaluation and cleaning. Whether your pearly whites have lost their vitality due to age, tobacco, medications or fluorosis, our team can help.

When we apply the bleaching process, we make sure your lips and gums are covered. After we apply the whitening gel, we use a special light which breaks up the discoloration and the stains on your teeth. All you need to do is relax in our comfortable dental chair while the bleaching gel works its magic.

For healthy looking teeth, brush at least twice each day and floss at least once, and make sure to keep your regular professional checkups and cleanings. Whether you love eating antioxidant-rich berries or drinking that heart-healthy glass of red wine, we can help you maintain your attractive, confident smile with our teeth whitening treatment.

Please call our Cenla Dentistry team at 318-640-3200 to schedule your whiter, brighter teeth with Dr. Honey Fiasconaro in Pineville, Louisiana. Start out the new year in style with a beautiful, confident smile!