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You probably know that flossing and brushing are vital if you’d like to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Similarly, you may have also heard that you could have to deal with tooth decay if you don’t brush and floss consistently. Luckily, a dental crown can help you deal with this problem—as well as with other small problems.

Still, once you’ve had a dental crown placed in your mouth, you’ll need to care for it well with consistent, proper brushing and flossing. Furthermore, once your crown has been placed, you should be able to chew without any discomfort or pain. Crowns are also extremely useful for protecting a fractured or weakened tooth. Because our team wants to provide you with the perfect crown, we’ll need time to prepare your permanent crown. Still, we will give you a temporary crown until your permanent crown is finished.

Fortunately, even though a dental crown may require two visits to our office, we will give you a temporary crown to protect your tooth. These crowns will adhere to your teeth with an adhesive, which will be removed once your permanent crown is ready to be placed on your gums and teeth. Fortunately, while these dental crowns may be made of metal or of plastic, they will offer the same benefits and protection as a permanent crown.

If you would like to learn more about having a crown placed in Pineville, Louisiana, or would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Honey Fiasconaro, please give Cenla Dentistry a call at 318-640-3200. We’ll be happy to answer any concerns you have and to examine your teeth for any signs of trouble. We’re excited to hear from you.